Friday, September 3, 2010

Bought my pack.

Today i went up to the counter of my local gameshop to buy my pack and begin my quest to a time walk. I was really excited to get strated... That is untill i opened the pack and flipped through it, The pack went like this.

Assualt griffin
Manic Vandal
Spined wurm
Ice Cage
Giant Spider
Goblin Piker
viscera seer
Survival Cache
Duskdale Wurm
Warlords axe
Roc Egg...

Then i get to the rare. FUCKING HAUNTING ECHOES....

Immediately i began asking everyone if they needed a haunting echoes. But now takers. I then begin to explain my badluck to one of my friends who is building a mono white life gain deck. He looks at the survival cache and says he needs it. He then offers me a world queller, I of course accept.

So i went from having 1 crappy rare to one crappy rare and a world queller. Well on to the next trade.